What Our Customers Say

The innovative product portfolio invented by Ranjana using organically-home grown turmeric, in Columbia, Missouri, USA, is the beginning of the next revolution in ‘Food for Health’. I am very confident that Ranaja’s innovations in using turmeric and various Ayurvedically-derived plant-based extracts in Food will provide the much needed immune boosting and disease preventing ingredients in our daily food consumption. I am excited to continue our collaborations with Ranjana as she launches a new range of ‘Food For Health’ products with a focus on improving health and hygiene standards for people in the US and across the world.

Kattesh V. Katti, M.Sc.Ed, PhD, DSC, FRSC, FNAI


Whether to ward off stress or just to relax the mind and body, Raw Root Turmeric’s Ashwagandha drink, will delight the craving. Turmeric’s comforting tones are supported by the deft and delicious King of the Ayurveda; Ashwagandha and Queen of the Ayurveda; Tulsi. The subtle ginger provides a refreshing burst of crisp alertness to the palate and mind alike. These are anchored in the prominent, familiar offerings of black pepper. 

The omnipotent lemon lends its masking services to this blend. It stands guard in perfect portion, without letting any flavor advance beyond the point of pleasantness. The result is a perfect harmony of sweet spices that will instill an instinct, which can only be described as an experience with earth’s best natural flavors.

Drew Fabricius

I’ve been using Turmeric for quite a few years and it has done wonders for the pains I was starting to develop in my knees as I aged. I used many box store varieties of the product but I have switched to the Turmeric Cinnamon Paste sold by Raw Roots Turmeric. Unlike the box store Turmeric the Raw Roots Turmeric fully dissolves in my morning coffee and leaves a very pleasant taste.  Turmeric has done wonders for my joint pains and general health.



John T. Hubert

Business Consultant